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Business continuity and disaster recovery is of high priority for every organization, disruptions can cause damage to a company's operation and reputation.

Table of Contents:

Below we have compiled publicly available sources from around the world that present views on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on the Cloud.

Perspectives on Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery On The Cloud

Further Reading

  • Cloud Security Practices and EducationResources about how to secure cloud computing systems and learn about cloud security.
  • Cloud Computing Risks and ThreatsResources on how to identify, deal with and prevent specific cloud security threats and attacks including DDoS, API vulnerability, Shadow IT and traffic hijacking.
  • AWS SecurityResources on AWS security, security for AWS platforms like EC2, S3 and RDS, AWS monitoring, AWS configuration and security Groups, AWS firewall solutions, and more.
  • Windows Azure SecurityResources about security for Windows Azure, the cloud platform provided by Microsoft, including security measures provided by the Azure platform, how to use them, and additional security best practices for users of Windows Azure.
  • List of Cloud Security Tools and ServicesResources about tools and services specifically built to enable security in cloud computing environments.
  • Cloud Security TechnologiesResources about the technologies used to achieve cloud security - the practice of protecting data, applications, infrastructure and human interactions facilitated by cloud computing.

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