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Resources about tools and services used to protect applications, servers or networks facilitated by cloud computing.

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  • Cloud Application, Server and Network SecurityResources about tools and services used to protect applications, servers or networks facilitated by cloud computing.
    • Dome9Resources about Dome 9, a solution that provides network security policy management and automation services for entire cloud environments, and a set of tools including visualization, firewall management, file integrity monitoring, dynamic access leases, configuration monitoring, and more.
    • QualysResources about Qualys, a cloud security platform that offers a suite of compliance and IT security solutions such as asset discovery, network security, compliance monitoring, and more.
    • ZScalerResources about ZScaler, a cloud security platform built as a security stack enabling secure transformation to the cloud. Services include: advanced threat protection, branch transformation, mobile security, and more.
    • NetskopeResources about Netskope, a cloud services company offering solutions such as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), cloud malware and threat protection, cloud storage security, DLP, encryption, and more.
    • Akamai Cloud Security SolutionsResources about Akamai Cloud Security Solutions, a set of tools aimed at protecting websites/applications from data theft and downtime, and at stopping major DDos and web application attacks. The solutions are build on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ and include infrastructure and website protection.
    • Check Point Cloud SecurityResources about Check Point cloud security, a set of security services and solutions for the public and private cloud that can be easily extended to any cloud environment. Solutions include: threat protection, mobile security, endpoint security, next generation firewalls, and security management.
    • TripWire PureCloud EnterpriseResources about TripWire PureCloud Enterprise, a cloud security platform that provides a solution to help discover and assess areas of a network that are hard to reach. The solution includes assurance for third parties, network perimeter scanning, and unified reporting.
    • Alert Logic Cloud DefenderResources about Alert Logic Cloud Defender, a managed cloud security solution for IT infrastructure. The solution allows network/system/application security monitoring for the infrastructure, and offers centralized security management, threat detection, rapid deployment, and more.
    • BetterCloudResources about BetterCloud, a suite of cloud security solutions and tools for IT organizations. Solutions are built specificallty for SaaS applications and include: user lifecycle management, IT/security automation, data discovery, and more.
    • IBM Cloud Security EnforcerResources about IBM Cloud Security Enforcer, a SaaS cloud security solution designed to help organizations deploy new services on the cloud. The solution includes cloud discovery, Identity/access management, user analytics, and more.
    • iSheriff Cloud SecurityResources about iSheriff Cloud Security, a SaaS security platform offering web, endpoint, and email security solutions, including malware protection, data leakage prevention, archiving, multi-platform support, and compliance enforcement solutions.
    • Cisco Cloud Web SecurityResources about Cisco Cloud Web Security, a proxy-based cloud security solution for distributed enterprise organizations. The solution offers user protection and protection against web attacks using Cisco's threat intelligence and threat defense services.
  • Cloud Antivirus and Threats PreventionResources about cloud antivirus, a solution in which antivirus processes are conducted on cloud servers instead of a user's PC, and threat prevention, the practice of preventing systems (mainly in IT organizations) from being infected by viruses or protecting the systems from cyber attacks.
    • McAfee Cloud SecureResources about MCAfee Cloud Secure, a set of security solutions that help organizations to move services to the cloud. These solutions allow the organization to use their security and access policies, without needing to adopt each vendor's practices. Solutions include: data protection, web security, database/data center security, and more.
    • Panda Cloud SecurityResources about Panda cloud security, an antivirus cloud-based solution for enterprise organizations. The solution offers endpoint protection, meaning all workstations (Windows/Mac/Linux) and all devices and systems are protected.

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