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Resources about the technologies used to achieve cloud security - the practice of protecting data, applications, infrastructure and human interactions facilitated by cloud computing.

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  • Cloud FirewallResources about cloud firewall, a firewall that is managed on cloud servers rather than being offered as a local hardware appliance or software solution. A cloud firewall supports distributed environments, where users and applications operate from various locations and sources.
  • CASBResources about Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), a software tool that acts as an enforcement point for security policies. A CASB is placed between cloud service consumers and providers and allows organizations to extend their security policies beyond the organization, by adding or combining policies as cloud-based resources are accessed.
  • Cloud Data EncryptionResources about cloud data encryption, the practice of protecting sensitive data stored on cloud servers and securing the data leaving a network. Cloud data encryption also aims to prevent unauthorized access to private data.
  • Cloud Application SecurityResources about cloud application security, the practice of protecting cloud applications, which aims to address security issues faced both by the organization providing the cloud service and by its customers.
  • Cloud Backup and RecoveryResources about cloud backup and recovery, a security strategy according to which records and data are copied to a cloud server, where they are maintained and can be recovered if necessary.
  • Using Configuration Management for Cloud SecurityResources about using configuration management - the practice of providing information about the delivery method of services - for cloud security. Configuration management for cloud security refers to practicing different levels of configuration management on cloud-related services such as SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS.

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