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A list of resources regarding cloud security training. Cloud security training provides you with experience identifying and resolving security issues specific to public and private cloud services.

Table of Contents:

Below we have compiled publicly available sources from around the world that present views on Cloud Security Training.

Perspectives on Cloud Security Training


Further Reading

  • Cloud Data BreachesResources on cloud data breaches and unauthorized data viewing, its implication and ways of prevention. 
  • Cloud Data LossResources on cloud data loss risks and prevention.
  • Account HijackingResources on account hijacking attacks in the context of cloud security.
  • Traffic HijackingResources on traffic hijacking threats and and the ways to defend against them.
  • API VulnerabilitiesResources on API security vulnerabilities in the context of cloud computing and cloud services.
  • Cloud Services AbuseAn overview of cloud computing services abuse and unauthorized use of cloud systems.
  • Shadow ITResources on traffic shadow IT practices, its extent, cost and implications on internet security.

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